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Portfolio Management Services

Docsa Capital Management, Inc. offers highly personalized, discretionary investment management services. Our team invests substantial time and energy in thoroughly assessing your goals, personal situation and risk tolerance. Combining the information you provide with the information gleaned from a more formal risk analysis and coaching session, we develop the core strategy that will direct the design of your investment portfolio.

Whether you are conservative and income oriented or in your accumulation years and investing for capital growth purposes, we can design and implement a portfolio that fits your situation.

We also recognize that personal preferences vary regarding the level of participation in implementing an investment plan. Therefore, depending on your personal preference and your investment philosophy, two very different options are available for managed accounts (excluding those in employer plans). Below are some key features in our Diamond and Topaz Plans.

Diamond Plan

Topaz Plan


The Diamond Plan is a full service plan that includes an actively managed portfolio based on a customized strategy that is fully implemented by our team.



The Topaz Plan is a limited service plan that utilizes an indexing investment strategy.

The Diamond Plan provides:

  • Risk tolerance evaluation and coaching session
  • Customized individual portfolio design and asset allocation
  • Active portfolio management
  • Variety of investment vehicles
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring and review
  • Integration of other financial considerations (e.g. taxes, cash flow, concentrated positions, and business ownership) in portfolio design and transaction decisions as appropriate
  • Includes general financial planning services
  • Semi-annual performance reports and annual transaction summary for tax reporting
  • Periodic review meeting and updates of your financial situation
  • Ongoing support and periodic personal communication via phone, email or in-person meetings


The Topaz Plan provides:

  • Risk tolerance evaluation and coaching session
  • Portfolio design and asset allocation based on fixed models
  • Passive portfolio management
  • Indexed funds or exchange-traded funds
  • Portfolio rebalancing up to two times per year
  • Annual performance report and annual transaction summary for tax reporting
  • Support and financial planning services are billed separately on a "pay as you use" basis

Fees and Requirements:

  • Minimum portfolio: $300,000
  • No initial set-up fees
  • Management fee charged quarterly based on portfolio value

Fees and Requirements:

  • Minimum portfolio: $300,000
  • Initial one-time set-up fees plus management fee (charged semi-annually) based on portfolio value
  • Separate pricing for additional services, including reassessment of risk tolerance and telephone or in-person meetings


This plan is suitable if you:

  • Prefer the full-service model
  • Want to simplify your life, using your free time to do what you really want to do
  • Prefer active management to minimize downside risks, maximize cash flow and balance total return with risk
  • Believe that integrating the investment piece of your total financial picture with other pieces
    (e.g. taxes, mortgage, cash flow, insurance and estate plan) is sensible and adds value to your total plan for wealth management


This plan is suitable if you:

  • Have a fairly simple financial situation
  • Prefer to manage your own financial records and other personal finance issues but need some assistance in implementing the investment segment
  • Believe in the indexing investment strategy
  • Prefer to pay for services on an as needed basis
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